Hot Deals On Pressure Washers

Cold Pressure Washer Compact

HD 5/11 C (110V)

Karcher HD5/11C 110 volt. Entry-level 110V high performance cold water pressure cleaner.

Cold Pressure Washer Professional

HD 5/12 CX Plus
The HD 5/12 CX Plus 240 volt is a compact, lightweight, and powerful pressure cleaner for professional use.

Cold Compact Pressure Washer

HD 6/12-4 C Plus
The Karcher HD 6/12-4 C Plus is a 240 volt powerful but compact pressure washer for tough cleaning tasks. Buy from Brushrite and get after sales service.

Karcher pressure washer dirt blaster

HD 6/13 C Plus
The Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus is 240 volt designed for high performance cleaning of machinery, vehicles or yards.

Karcher Cold Heavy duty Pressure Washer

HD 7/11-4 M Plus 240 volt
The HD 7/11-4 M Plus 240 volt cold water high-pressure cleaner is a powerful, versatile and robust machine.

Karcher hot water high pressure cleaner

HDS 5/11 Upright
The Karcher HDS 5/11 U is a 240V compact hot water high-pressure cleaner which features a 3-piston axial pump and air-cooled 2-pole electric motor.