Viper Scrubbers

VIPER delivering professional cleaning equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our customers. This is based on reliable, easy-to-use and service friendly floor cleaning machines. We will have the best quality and price ratio in our target market.

VIPER - professional cleaning equipment, which gives our customers the following main features and benefits: Easy-to-use, no training needed, which is cost reducing. Robust and reliable products, which give longer lifetime and always ready to use, Easy to service gives our customers lower maintenance costs.

Lease hire/purchase any machine over £1,000 value from as low as £5.44 per week per thousand borrowed.

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Compact and micro walk behind scrubber dryer


The AS380/15 is a compact and micro walk-behind scrubber dryer, attractive design, micro size, simple and easy to use, fully equipped and ready to use.

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Mains Powered Scrubber Dryer Small


Compact cord electric 230/240 volt walk behind scrubber dryer - delivered ready to use, from Viper.


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Medium sized walk behind scrubber dryer


The VIPER FANG 20 and 20 T are medium sized walk behind scrubber dryers. Through platform design, we can offer these machines at an attractive quality price level.

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Large walk behind scrubber dryers easy cleaning of all kinds of floors


The VIPER FANG 24T/26T/28T are large sized walk-behind scrubber dryers.

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Walk behind scrubber dryer large machine

Fang 32

With this large-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer you can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments.  Best Price On Line

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