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Karcher Hot Machines

Karcher High pressure cleaners clean even better with hot water at the same amount of pressure. Karcher machines are convenient to use and feature state-of-the-art technology. Best price for Karcher in Basingstoke.

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Upright pressure washers, Hot water compact class, Hot water middle class, Hot water super class, Special high-pressure cleaners, with internal combustion engine.

Karcher Hot Pressure Washer Compact

HDS 5/12 C
Attractive entry level model Karcher HDS 5/12 C 240V in the hot water compact class.

Karcher Compact hot water high pressure cleaner

HDS 6/10 C *GB
Karcher State-of-the-art 110V compact hot water high-pressure cleaner.

Professional High pressure cleaners Hot

HDS 6/10-4 C 240V
Karcher HDS 6/10-4 C 240V State of the art 4-pole compact hot water high-pressure.

Karcher compact hot water pressure cleaner

HDS 6/12 C 240V
The HDS 6/12 C 240 volt also features Karcher's unique Machine Protector system.

Three Phase Hot Pressure from Karcher

HDS 7/16 C *EU-I

The Karcher HDS 7/16 C 3 phase 400V High pressure washer provides incredible cleaning performance, with up to 160 bar pressure.

Karcher hot water high pressure cleaner

HDS 5/11 Upright
The Karcher HDS 5/11 U is a 240V compact hot water high-pressure cleaner which features a 3-piston axial pump and air-cooled 2-pole electric motor.