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Free local delivery, Brushrite authorised Karcher service dealer.

Karcher Pressure Washers, for cleaning machines, vehicles and buildings daily, with high pressure and a high flow rate. Cold water high-pressure cleaners remove even stubborn dirt and are Ideal for large areas. Buy locally in Basingstoke Hampshire and surrounding areas and get peace of mind should anything go wrong. Brushrite are authorised dealers and service agents for Karcher products.

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Cold Pressure Washer Compact

HD 5/11 C (110V)

Karcher HD5/11C 110 volt. Entry-level 110V high performance cold water pressure cleaner.

Cold Pressure Washer Professional

HD 5/12 CX Plus
The HD 5/12 CX Plus 240 volt is a compact, lightweight, and powerful pressure cleaner for professional use.

Cold Compact Pressure Washer

HD 6/12-4 C Plus
The Karcher HD 6/12-4 C Plus is a 240 volt powerful but compact pressure washer for tough cleaning tasks. Buy from Brushrite and get after sales service.

Karcher pressure washer dirt blaster

HD 6/13 C Plus
The Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus is 240 volt designed for high performance cleaning of machinery, vehicles or yards.

Karcher Pressure Washer Cold

HD 6/13 CX Plus
The Karcher HD 6/13 CX Plus is 240 volt machine, designed for high performance cleaning of machinery.

Karcher HD series cold pressure washer

HD 5/11 C 240 volt
The Karcher HD 5/11 C 240 volt is a compact, lightweight, and high value professional pressure cleaner.