nilfisk cfm industrial vacuum systems

Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuums, pneumatic conveyors, centralized vacuum systems and high power vacuums are all within the product range. Critical and toxic environments, hazardous dust, explosive dust.

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Customers Beware!

The HSE prosecuted 551 cases in 2011 under COSHH regulations.

Fines totalled £18.6 million or £36000 average per case.

Reason, Employers duty to protect his workforce against hazardous materials.

Suppliers have the same responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act to provide equipment fit for purpose.


Our customers are manufacturers, who need to clean and recover solid and liquid materials. According to the different needs, we can supply mobile vacuums or fixed installations.

Some companies have to collect and eliminate various kinds of waste: powders, seeds, flours, toasted products, debris, shavings, textile fibres, oils, waters, etc. Others must convey mixtures and compounds inside the machines for packaging or suction of dangerous materials, explosive powders or flammables.
Nilfisk-CFM machines have gained the most selective international certificates such as ATEX, TUV (L,M,H) GS, EX, CESI thus assuring total safety in any working place.
Our range of industrial vacuums goes from 0,5 up to 100 HP.
We have 50 basic models which can be customized in more than 500 variations, able to solve any problem in all industrial fields worldwide.
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With so much choice we think it's best to contact us to discuss what's right for you. 
With so much choice we think it's best to give us a call to discuss whats right for you. Call us today 0118 3273303 and talk with one of our experts.