Road Sweeping Machines

A complete range of highly efficient, outdoor cleaning and maintenance vehicles, to match your requirements.

Nilfisk road sweepers and our Ranger series of multi-purpose utility vehicles are capable of tackling multiple applications. They can be equipped with a full range of tailor made quality attachments, offering a perfect match for virtually all outdoor maintenance applications.


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  Nilfisk RS502 Compact Street Sweeper














RS 502 Compact Road Sweeper

With its amazing turning radius and compact design, the RS 502 is the right choice for productive cleaning of limited space outdoor areas like footpaths, pavements, parking lots and loading bays. The RS 502 has a large 246 litre polyethylene water tank that ensures long life and reliability.


The RS 502 means that there is now a road sweeper light enough and compact enough to be transferred from job to job on a simple trailer.

Contract cleaners can easily transport the RS 502 to different locations, thereby being able to offer a complete range of cleaning services including outdoor sweeping.


26 options


Easy to transfer

Stainless steel hopper and 246 litre polyethylene water tanks.

High suction road sweeper(debris does not pass through the fan) strong airflow and hydraulically operated flap for pick up of bottles cans, stones & other heavy debris.

New powerful and reliable KUBOTA engine.

Diagnostic box allows monitoring of maintenance program of the machine and any operator misuse.

RS 502 Compact Road Sweeper


Engine power, HP/kW

40.8 / 30.6



Transport speed, km/h


Clearing width

1600 mm

Hopper volume

500 litres

Water tank volume

246 litres

Tipping height

1460 mm

Dimensions, mm, L x W x H

3110 x 1230 x 1990


1700 kg


Nilfisk Park Ranger sweeper, snow blower and more..
















When duty calls in the park - your Nilfisk Outdoor Ranger is ready!

All year round power and versatility for park maintenance!


The Park Ranger 2150 is the basic machine with an all-season range of Park Ranger attachments. Articulated and just 1 m wide, the Park Ranger utility machine provides professional performance in even the tightest spots and is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its servo steering and a turning radius of just 1.5 m. Four-wheel drive and 28 HP ensures strength and power in all work situations.


Easy handling

The Park Ranger 2150 is fully hydraulic and extremely simple to operate. It features no mechanical parts such as fan belts, chains and crank shafts, so it contains very few wearing parts. The utility machine therefore requires only minimal maintenance and is remarkably durable. The same applies to the attachments, which are all custom-made for the Park Ranger 2150. Once they are fitted, they become an integrated part of the machine, thus ensuring that it always retains its compact form.


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